The nasal inhalator AntiFume®

is proven to:
  • reduce the volume of a smoked cigarette by one-third
  • increase the interval between smoked cigarettes by 28,3 %
  • delay the time of your first cigarette for 50 min
  • alleviate the desire to smoke by 100%
  • decrease the amount of smoked cigarettes by 30%

100% natural

  • essential oil of black pepper,
  • essential oil of basil,
  • extract of tobacco leaves,
  • extract of fennel.
No prescription needed.

Where to use AntiFume®

Inhaler AntiFume® will ease your stay in places where smoking is prohibited, and will allow you to spend long time without a cigarette, reducing unpleasant withdrawal symptoms. You can also use AntiFume™ in any other situations, when you can’t smoke a cigarette.

How does AntiFume® work?

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When you feel the urge to smoke, simply put theinhaler to your nose and inhale 5-7 times. Nerve centers in your brain will receive an immediate signal through the smell sensors to outrun your urge to smoke.

Using theinhaler is easy! Its compact size allows you to always have it at hand.

can be used for up to 45 days..

  • essential oils have an immediate effect while you are performing inhalations;
  • with time you start losing the habit of holding a cigarette in your hands, which is a part of psychological addiction to smoking;
  • can be used with other medications (products);
  • improves mucous lining of nasal cavity;
  • does not cause complications, does not cause addiction or withdrawal syndrome;
  • does not require constant doctor supervision.

Clinical studies

A group of medical professionals, who have been working in stressful conditions – at trauma and neurology centers, emergency rooms – took part in the clinical study of the AntiFume inhaler. As we know, such stressful job can increase cigarette consumption.
All participants were smoking 10-15 cigarettes a day and had a smoking history of at least 5 years. All of them wanted to decrease the amount of cigarettes they smoke.They were offered to use AntiFume™ inhaler 8-10 times a day for the duration of three weeks.